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Protecting Your Phoenix Property From Dangerous Bees

Bees are one of the most important insects in the world. As a vital part of our ecosystem, their dwindling numbers have been a cause for concern in recent years. However, not all bees are good bees. Africanized bees have become a growing problem in the Phoenix area, and there are good reasons to be concerned about an Africanized bee colony on your property.

Africanized bees are commonly called killer bees. They get this name from their aggressive nature and the fact that they have killed over 1000 people through their stings. These bees will chase people for up to a quarter of a mile if they feel they are in danger or are provoked, and are not pests to trifle with. However, even a regular honey beehive on your property can be a cause for concern.

Bee stings hurt, and if you have an allergy, these stings can be deadly; when bees become a problem on your property, don’t take action on your own and put yourself at serious risk. Instead, contact Complete Pest Management.

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If you have bees of any sort on your property, it’s wise to contact the professionals at Complete Pest Management. Determining whether you have Africanized bees or regular honey bees on your property is impossible without coming into direct contact with the bees, which, as you can imagine, can have harmful consequences. Plus, regardless of the species of bee, getting too close to them can result in an angry swarm coming after you.

At Complete Pest Management, we have the experience necessary to take the proper precautions when dealing with a bee infestation of any kind. Because we understand the importance of honey bees to our ecosystem, we take every step possible to manage them in an environmentally-friendly way.

After carefully inspecting your property to determine the source of your bee problem, we’ll develop a course of action to remove the bees in a safe way that will eliminate the problem for you. With over 40 years of experience solving pest problems of all kinds, including bee control problems, we have the knowledge you need to make your property a safe and enjoyable place to spend time.

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For any kind of bee problem, contact Complete Pest Management right away. Our trained and licensed service technicians will perform a professional analysis to determine the best way to solve your bee infestation. Contact us today to schedule your service.

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