How To Keep Weeds Away From Your Phoenix Lawn

October 15, 2021

Not only do weeds clash with your desirable plants, but they’re bad for your lawn and garden as well. Once they invade your lawn, weeds are greedy. They compete with your healthy grass and plants for the same nutrients, air, and water, and they spread quickly. If you apply fertilizer to your lawn, weeds are usually the first plants to soak up those nutrients, leaving little to nothing for the plants you’re actually trying to fuel. When left untreated, weeds will begin to dominate your once-thriving lawn and leave your yard more vulnerable to drought and insects. The good news is that you don’t have to let weeds win. Here’s what Phoenix homeowners should know about spotting weed problems on your lawn, what you can do to reduce weeds, and what to do if you’ve got a stubborn weed problem.

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How To Spot A Weed Problem In Phoenix, AZ Garden

Because weeds can vary greatly in shape, color, and size, spotting these plants before they’ve become a bigger problem is not always easy. This is especially true for weeds like the white clover or even dandelions, which have flowering heads. However, in Arizona, there are a couple of common lawn weeds that you can identify, such as:

  • Crabgrass: As one of the most common weeds in Arizona, you can identify crabgrass by its spreading stems that branch out and colorful flower hands that have finger-like spikes on them.

  • Dandelions: With bright yellow flowers growing from them, dandelions are one of the most easily recognizable weeds. They usually prefer thin turf.

  • White Clover: If you’ve got a lot of excess moisture on your lawn, you may spot the white clover. They have three-lobed leaves and a crescent-shaped white band.

  • Russian Thistle: Also called tumbleweeds, Russian thistles are bare-bones weeds that resemble a shrub without any leaves.

    Regardless of the type, all of these weeds spell trouble for your lawn and garden.

How To Reduce Weeds In Phoenix, AZ

If your lawn seems like it’s constantly sprouting new weeds, then you’ve got a problem – but there are a couple of things you can do to reduce how many weeds grow on your turf, such as:

  • You can always practice weed removal by hand, but make sure you pull weeds out by their roots, or they will grow back

  • Fertilize your lawn on a regular basis

  • Try to remove weeds before they flower because once they bloom, the flowers turn to seed and begin to spread

  • Regularly water your lawn to keep healthy plants and grass thriving

Along with the do-it-yourself tips you can take above, ongoing professional assistance is a big part of dealing with your current problem and keeping weeds at bay throughout the year.

Contact Complete Pest Management In Phoenix, AZ

Depending on the size of your weed problem, removing weeds by hand isn’t always practical – especially if you’re dealing with thorny weeds like tumbleweeds. This is where that professional assistance can come in. At Complete Pest Management, we’ve got over forty years of experience keeping Phoenix lawns weed-free. If you’ve been noticing a weed problem lately, or you want to stop these plants before they even sprout, contact us at Complete Pest Management today to learn more about our lawn care services.

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