The Secret To Staying Away From Phoenix Mosquitoes 

May 14, 2021

There aren’t very many harmless pests. Most are quite dangerous; some more than others. Common concerns are injuries, property damage, the spread of germs that cultivate illness in humans, and disease transmission. The latter two factors are why experts consider mosquitoes to be highly lethal insects. They go from animals to humans, biting them and absorbing blood. These bugs need the fluid to survive, but it puts us all at risk. Them annoying you while you’re watching an outdoor sports game or having a picnic is the least of the worries. 

a mosquito on a leaf in phoenix

To make matters worse, Phoenix residents can attract mosquitoes to themselves without even trying. Since the effects of these bugs don’t stop at creating red and itchy bumps on your skin, it’s important to get information about prevention secrets. Study these details from Complete Pest & Management.

Secret #1 Keep Your Body in Mind

Once more, blood is vital to a mosquito’s sustenance and reproduction. Various research reports strongly suggest that these pests tend to target pregnant women and those with Type O fluid. These characteristics are detectable through natural bodily liquids and hormones. For instance, warmth and sweat, which contains appealing ammonia and acid.

Secret #2 Think Twice About What You Drink And Wear

You’re probably not expecting this, but mosquitoes will be drawn to you if you’ve ingested an alcoholic beverage. An odor that’s alluring to them will seep through your pores. As for more deeply contemplating your outfit choices, you’ll want to skip over shades like black and blue. Insects often depend on lighting and hues to identify prey, and mosquitoes can easily spot darker colors.

Secret #3 Avoid Water And Being Out Late

Mosquitoes also count on the water for survival and procreation. That said, they will spend inordinate amounts of time fluttering by standing pools of it. Be on alert if your home or business is close to a river, lake, or stream. Exercise caution when walking past a meadow or taking a drive somewhere. Mosquitoes are extremely active after the sun sets, so have that in mind if you’re a night owl.

Additional Mosquito Facts & Prevention Tactics

Having an understanding of how mosquitoes function will help in defeating them. Their 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long bodies are outlined by strand-thin legs, distinctive noses, and two wings. While all consume water and nectar, only females will drink blood. Don’t leave your windows and doors open, as this is how they normally get indoors. These insects will fly to laundry rooms, closets, and other low-traffic interiors that are dark and possibly damp. After being bitten by a mosquito, you might develop:

  • Severely swollen and/or inflamed skin  
  • Intense irritation of the skin
  • Encephalitis
  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika virus

Further methods to discourage mosquitoes include:  

  • Burning candles that consist of essential oils, such as lavender, clove, and rosemary
  • Setting mosquito traps outside; be sure to regularly clean them 
  • Draining swimming areas and pet water bowls on a routine basis
  • Cutting down grass and greenery frequently
  • Distancing shrubs, plants, and flowers two feet or more from the property
  • Flushing out gutters and vents often 

Complete Pest & Management Mosquito Extermination

At Complete Pest & Management, our experienced technicians only use industrial-grade products by leading brands in the field. Therefore, you can rest assured that our treatments will efficiently eliminate mosquito populations. Our solutions are also eco-friendly, so your vegetation will be safe. With us, you’ll be able to enjoy affordable and comprehensive services. Specialized options, sealing and exclusion, pest proofing, recurring visits, and more are available. Reach out to us today to get started! You can call or email at Complete Pest & Management!

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