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Complete Pest Protection For Your Phoenix Home

If you’ve had to deal with a pest infestation in the past, or if you are currently dealing with one, you know how frustrating and stressful it is to have unwanted visitors living in your house, contaminating your food, and damaging your belongings. Although you may have taken care of the problem to the best of your ability or called in experts to remove the threat, it may linger in the back of your mind that another pest infestation could be right around the corner or even already in your home.

If you worry about pests getting into your house or have a pest problem that you can’t resolve, or if you simply want to make sure your Phoenix home is as secure as possible from any pest threat, it’s time to consider Complete Pest Management’s Home Seal Service. This thorough service is designed to drastically reduce your chances of ending up with pest problems and provides you with a safer, healthier, and happier home.

Our Home Seal Service Process

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Our Home Seal Service is the most complete pest protection service you’ll find in the Phoenix area. Not only does it target pests where they live and breed, but it also utilizes targeted applications, using the most advanced materials available to eliminate and prevent pest problems with a modern approach to pest management.


We’ll begin inside your house and perform the following:

  • Remove all exterior wall outlets for void service.
  • Dust cabinet and vanity voids.
  • Treat all plumbing and electrical chases in the wall.
  • Set up monitoring devices.


Once the inside of your house is secure, we’ll move to the outside to seal the exterior. This process includes sealing all of the following areas:

  • Weep screed gap
  • Utility inlets
  • Foundation cracks
  • Exterior electrical fixtures
  • Screen roof vents
  • Screen pool heater vents
  • If needed, we’ll also install garage door seals and replace weatherstripping around doors.


After we completely seal the exterior of your home, we’ll take measures to protect the rest of your property from unwanted pests. This part of the service includes:

  • Applying barriers to all perimeters.
  • Dusting fence pilasters.
  • Applying water-dispersible granules at the foundation.
  • Applying microencapsulated material for slow release.
  • Treating all valve boxes and meter boxes.
  • Treating planters, BBQs, patios, railroad ties, ramadas, and insect harborages.
  • Installing rodent control devices as required.

A Safer, Pest-Free Phoenix Home Begins With Complete Pest Management

When you get Complete Pest Management’s Home Seal Service, you receive a complete home solution to protect your entire property from pests. Our experienced and knowledgeable service technicians are meticulous in their application every step of the process, carefully protecting and sealing the interior, exterior, and landscape of your Phoenix home and property. To learn more or to schedule your Home Seal Service, contact us today.

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