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Common Phoenix, AZ Pest Identification & Prevention

Have you seen a pest in your home that you can’t identify? Our Pest Services can help! Here, we offer information you need to know about the most common pest invaders in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.



 If you’ve been looking for the best way to eliminate a scorpion problem you’ve come to the right place. Complete Pest Management has all the modern techniques and certified technicians that can make a difference. You need qualified and experienced scorpion control services. We are the informed choice for several good reasons. One of the best of these is we understand the correct way to eliminate a scorpion issue without causing any hazards to the environment or your family.

Scorpion control is all about understanding the habits of these creatures. One of the methods we employ in keeping these pests away from your home or business is proactive. Using Integrated Pest Management we can seal around windows, doors and foundations as well as screen openings on roof vents, we’re not giving scorpions any chance or an invitation into any structures. The other methods that we use are industry leading and innovative. They are designed to make sure we live up to our reputation as the best scorpion elimination team in Phoenix.

Pest Free And Safe

It’s important to understand you need to move quickly when you do have an infestation because scorpions are venomous. Our technicians are specially trained to give you the results that you are looking for in an affordable manner. Here at Complete Pest Management, our number one priority is making sure your home and property is pest-free and safe for your family.

You should also know that scorpions prey on other common pests around your home. Using our services can eliminate more than one problem all at once. Quality pest control service will eliminate the majority of food sources scorpion prey on. Here’s another thing that you want to know about these potentially dangerous invaders. The best scorpion pesticide isn’t over the counter at your local home improvement store. In fact, these pests need professional services to come in and get rid of them quickly and efficiently, and that’s why you should call us.



It’s important to keep in mind that some of the pests you’ll need to face as a homeowner or business person are more destructive than others. That’s why excellent termite control in Phoenix is one of our specialties here at Complete Pest Management. One of the first steps in termite extermination is a detailed and thorough termite inspection of the property involved. It’s best to know the extent of the termite infestation and by what type of termite before we proceed. That helps us to arrive at a solution that is cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Not only do we have all of the latest technology when it comes to termite pest control, but our analysis can also help you prevent any future infestations.

Thousands of dollars

However, there’s no way around the fact that a termite infestation can cost you thousands of dollars if it goes unchecked for any length of time. That’s why it’s best to call the experienced termite professionals we have on hand. These licensed and customer friendly technicians will be able to look after the problem in a cost efficient manner.

If needed, our complete and thorough technicians will also schedule an ongoing service that will prevent any termites from coming back. Understanding what our Phoenix clients want and following through regardless of whether they need commercial or residential applications has always been job number one for us.

Remember, Complete Pest Management has been in the termite business for years, and the management team here has over 65 years of combined experience to serve you better.

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Roof Rats

roof rat

Roof rats were first discovered in the Phoenix area in 2002 in the Arcadia District. Now these pesky rodents can be found all over the Valley.

If you think about it, roof rats are a lot like us. In the winter and early spring when the weather is pleasant, they're more active. When temperatures drop at night and it gets chilly, they like to be indoors. And they're also eagerly anticipating the oranges and other fruits ripening on trees around the Valley.

That means this is the busy season for the vermin, as it is for those of us wanting to keep rats out of our homes and yards.

Roof rats are actually black rats, though they can be other colors, and can be identified by their large ears and scaly tails that are almost always longer than their bodies. They get their name from a preference for spending most of their time at least four feet above the ground and can often be found in trees, shrubs, and attics.

They are not native and were first discovered in the Valley in the Arcadia area in 2002. Most likely, they were inadvertently brought here from a neighboring state. Since then they have been on the move, showing up in East and West Valley communities in addition to Phoenix.

Want to avoid roof rats? Keep your home and yard inhospitable to the rodents.

"The key factor is to not have food for them or clutter or anything that would make them want to stay," Maricopa County Environmental Services spokesman Johnny Diloné said. "The more we keep our backyards well-kept and eliminate their food sources, the less likely they are to hang around."

Roof rats are most active in the cooler months but they are present year-round.



Weed control is the botanical component of pest control, which attempts to stop weeds, from competing with domesticated plants. Many strategies have been developed in order to contain these plants.

The original strategy was manual removal which can cut the roots of the weeds. More recent approaches include herbicides (chemical weed killers) and pre-emergent herbicides which inhibit seed germination.

Annual plants live for only one growing season. They are referred to as winter annuals if they germinate, grow, flower and produce seed during the spring and summer. Common Summer Annuals in desert landscapes include Spurges, Pigweeds, and Puncture Vine. Common Winter Annuals include London Rocket, Thistles, Little Mallow, Red Stem Filaree, Annual Bluegrass, Mediterranean Grass, and Wild Barley.

The key to effective weed control will be two or more years of continuous pre-emergent herbicide use. This will result in better weed control than a single year of use because continuous use reduces the number of weed seeds in the soil. Control of 98% of 10,000 weed seedlings per 1000 square feet is not acceptable (200 weed seedlings survive) but 98% control of 200 weed seedlings per 1000 square feed would be acceptable (4 seedlings survive). Additionally, timing for the application of pre-emergent is key for effective control. Fall (October, November and December) is the best time to apply pre-emergent herbicides.

What you may not know! There are certain weeds that are not controlled by pre-emergent herbicides. Among these are Bermuda grass, Johnson grass, Purple and Yellow Nutsedge, bamboo. It would not be fair to tell someone that a pre-emergent controls these plants and thusly, they are typically excluded as a “controlled” weed.


mosquito on skin

A type of fly, the mosquito is a biting pest that feeds on the blood of people and animals. These pests are vectors of diseases that can make people and animals ill. The spread of the West Nile virus by mosquitoes is a serious and life-threatening concern for Arizona residents. Mosquitoes can become a problem wherever there is standing water because that is where the females lay their eggs. Only females bite and consume blood meals as they need the protein from our blood to create healthy eggs. Mosquitoes are outdoor pests and can become a problem on any property that offers them food and standing water.

The smallest amount of standing water can attract mosquitoes to a property because females use standing water to lay their eggs. Dripping hoses, leaking pipes, birdbaths, unmaintained pools, and poor drainage can provide a water source for mosquitoes. They will also use containers, clogged gutters, and tree hollows as a breeding site. In Arizona, mosquitoes have learned to live near people because they realize that our properties provide them with the areas of moisture necessary to breed and vegetation they can rest on. The best way to control the number of mosquitoes living and breeding on your property is to partner with a professional that has experience delivering mosquito control services.

Complete Pest Management, LLC can provide homeowners in Phoenix with the regular, seasonal services necessary to control mosquito populations.

In conjunction with our fogging services, taking the following steps around your property will make it less attractive to biting mosquitoes:

  • Repair water spigots or hoses that are leaking.
  • Clear your property of foliage and other debris that can collect water and attract mosquitoes.
  • If you own a pool, make sure it is adequately maintained, and the water is always circulating.
  • Store containers that collect water upside down when not in use.

Bed Bugs

bed bugs on fabric

Experience is the key for a company that knows how to get rid of bed bugs. Complete Pest Management has years of experience as a Pest Management Company that gets the job done right the first time. Bed bugs are a global problem existing in the fanciest hotels and in third world nations. Thankfully at this time they are not the vectors for disease but bed bugs can cause serious discomfort by their blood sucking habits. People come in contact with bed bugs in hotels, common areas such as public sofa’s, waiting rooms, airplanes and public transportation. Humans themselves can be carriers when infestations they have been exposed to are extremely heavy. Pets can be another form of exposure.

Bed bugs are attracted to warm places and the carbon dioxide we exhale. They are active at night, attracted to sleeping humans during that time because of our breathing patterns and the need to feed. Bed bugs are excellent magicians. These insects hide in cushions, mattresses, bed frames, bedroom furniture and even electrical outlets. That’s why you need the integrated pest management services that we supply. We are the professionals they can get rid of any bed bug infestation in your home and make sure they don’t come back.

At Complete Pest Management we use state of the art Steam applications which destroys both live bed bugs and their eggs. Bed bug elimination if intensive, repetitive and expensive. A good working relationship between the customer and the service provider is an inherent part of getting the job done right.

Satisfied Clients

We’ve been in business since the late 1970s and would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers. We start each and every job with a thorough analysis of the situation at hand. That way when you are dealing with bed bugs, we are the professionals will be able to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem and where we need to concentrate our efforts.

Getting results is job number one for us here at Complete Pest Management. Whether you have a residential or commercial property that needs to be looked after, we’re only too happy to start the process off with a free estimate. Why not get in touch with us right away if you think you have bed bug problem so we can help you to make the right decision?


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